Peter Smolenski is the co-founder of Logan Ventures

Peter Smolenski is an entrepreneur who works in the world of real estate. He is well acquainted with the real estate industry because he has been working within it for years. Specifically, real estate investment is a market he understands well. Peter Smolenski has been working in the Chicago-area for years now and has a special understanding of that unique market.

Peter Smolenski is the co-founder of Logan Ventures, which is a real estate firm that he founded along with a partner, Stanley Pillman. Logan Ventures was founded in order to fascinate their investment into distressed properties in the Chicago area, although the firm also occasionally acquired properties nationally.

Peter Smolenski also founded the Shelbourne Development Group’s Chicago office. This was the office that allowed that major player in the world of real estate to get their hands into the American real estate market. Shelbourne Development Group is a real estate firm based in Ireland with holdings in Europe and this was the opening they needed to get involved in the United States too.